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Captain Brian & First Mate Elena

Elena and Brian love sailing. Their love of the sea brought them together. While coming, originally, from mountain states, they feel very much at home in the ocean. Chartering with this dynamic duo engages mind, body and soul. With Elena’s healthy cooking and Brian’s lust for adventure, guests go home from the islands with spirits recharged and bodies fully engaged.


After chartering on catamarans in the Virgin Islands for many years, Brian and Elena know all the spots and build out itineraries which suit the desires of their guests. Guests can go to all the famous spots or unwind in a secluded cove. They have spent a lot of time exploring other areas of the Caribbean so are equally at home introducing guests to the wonders of the Windward and Leeward Islands.


Brian started his ocean journeys in United States Pacific Northwest traveling on expedition ships into Alaska and eventually down the coast to Central America and the Panama Canal. As an expedition seafarer, he found himself in many far-flung places, such the Galapagos Islands and Antarctica. While not traveling as a photographer or a naturalist, he sailed around the Caribbean on his little sailboat, learning all the best places to freedive, kiteboard and explore rainforest.


From the chocolate empire of Switzerland, Elena comes from a culinary background rooted in deeply French flavors. Her focus is “boat-made”, creating all your favorites from inside her tiny galley. By baking and cooking everything from scratch, she knows exactly what is in the food she serves to her guests, making it very healthy and nutritious. Being gluten free and vegan, she specializes in catering to any dietary restrictions. Often, guests leave their week onboard elated by how healthy they feel.


Taking full advantage of the good, clean energy Elena produces in the galley, Brian enjoys activities to the fullest. Everywhere a charter goes, Brian has an adventure which engages guests with the surrounding environment. Whether it is snorkeling, surfing, kiteboarding, hiking or scrambling,Brian can test your boundaries of fun. Coming from a background of leading guests into “the wild” as a naturalist, expect to have plenty of natural history conversations with him. As a diving instructor, Elena knows all of the fish and can introduce you to many of them.


Discussions about the fish and the birds and the trees don’t stop at the end of the adventures, Elena and Brian’s favorite subject to talk about is nature. The only way to change the subject is to start a rousing card or board game or even turn on the tunes and start dancing. Mainly, this couple loves life and wants to share it with others who do too. They know all the spots but have a great time wherever the wind takes them.
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