This is is the Guide To Sailing on Kai. This will explain what you need to know about coming onboard for a trip with us. 




Please pack only soft/collapsible luggage (no wheels if possible), as space onboard is limited.

Expect warm temperatures and lots of sunlight! Bring comfortable clothes. You will have seven days of lounging, swimming, perhaps walking on roads or trails, sleeping, and maybe going out to dinner. There’s no laundry done on board.

Speaking of sun, we recommend everyone bring at least one outfit that offers full sun coverage. It’s hard to overstate how much sun exposure you’ll get on a seven day boat trip. Sunscreen only goes so far, and reapplying is a hassle. Clothing should be your first line of defense against harmful UV rays. We recommend a swim shirt (rash guard) for everyone, which you can wear in and out of the water. If needed, you can purchase one when you arrive. Please pack accordingly, as having fun is difficult with a sunburn!

We do not allow shoes onboard, as they damage our wooden floors. You are welcome to wear slippers, but nothing with hard soles.

Water Activities

Not that you would, but don’t forget your swimsuit! Maybe even two or three, so you can allow one to dry. If you plan to do a rendezvous SCUBA dive, you may wish to bring a wet shirt to keep warm. We have a selection of snorkeling masks and fins, but for a perfect fit you may wish to bring your own. Some people prefer a full face mask, which we don't carry. We provide beach towels and reef safe sunscreen.

However, if you do choose to bring your own sunscreen, we ask that you choose a mineral-based reef safe brand (no sprays, please!). Many sunscreens contain oxybenzone, octinoxate and other chemicals which, even in the smallest amounts, can cause considerable damage to our highly visited coral reefs. Needless to say, we want to preserve these beautiful resources for your future visits! There are several shops here in Redhook that sell reef safe sunscreens, if you wish to purchase some upon your arrival. We do not allow SPRAY SUNSCREENS onboard, as they can damage surfaces.

We have fishing rods on board, and you may fish in the USVI only.


Toiletries & Medication

We have your basic shower needs covered: Body wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, washcloths, bath towels. You will need to bring toothpaste, a toothbrush, deodorant, face wash, and feminine products. When bringing toiletries,

keep in mind the TSA regulations for liquids: "You are allowed to bring a quart- sized bag of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes in your carry-on bag and through the checkpoint. These are limited to travel-sized containers that are 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less per item.” The Chelsea Drug store is right across from our marina, and you can certainly purchase toiletries there upon your arrival.

We have sea-sickness medication, but if you are prone to motion sickness we recommend you bring along your preferred remedy (Relief Band 2FpShVi is a great option if you’re sensitive). We have a first aid kit to treat cuts, scrapes, and burns, as well as aspirin and the like. And we’ve got bug spray, both the gentle kind and the kind with DEET. Don’t forget any personal prescriptions, if you have them.


Electronics & Entertainment

Verizon gets the best service in the USVIs. As soon as we get close to the BVIs, your phone may begin pickup up international service. We’ll give you a reminder so you can switch to airplane mode. If you wish to use your AT&T service during your trip, we recommend purchasing a daily international plan. It's best to arrange this with your provider before the trip.

Please be advised that there is no wifi on board, though we can provide a limited hotspot if you need to check emails. Otherwise, we recommend purchasing a daily international data package from your mobile service provider. Any music you intend to bring should be downloaded to your device (not streamed), since service is often interrupted as we cruise between islands. We hope you’ll welcome the opportunity to disconnect and take it easy in the tropics!

If you have any movies or games your group would enjoy, it would be a fine idea to bring them. We do have a selection on board, but you know your group best. You’ll find that evenings are a lovely time to “disconnect” from devices and get everyone together in the salon for game night or a movie. If anybody wants to play music they have downloaded on their phone or device, we can do that on our audio system. But it should be downloaded, not streamed. And bringing a good book is highly recommended!

You’ll have some wonderful photo ops while you’re here. You’ll want to snap some pictures of your group, of a lovely meal, of the stunning panoramas and sunsets, of a tropical hike, or maybe even underwater life. If you’re serious about photography, don’t forget your nice camera! Or bring your GoPro or even a disposable underwater camera for some cool shots.



Bring some cash to have on hand. That being said, most places you visit will take credit/debit cards. Anticipated spending might include delicious restaurant meals, cold tropical drinks, airport taxi fare, scooter rentals on Anegada, and souvenirs. Where cards are accepted in the British Virgin Islands, expect a foreign transaction fee. And remember to tell your bank(s) that you’ll be abroad, if necessary.


Don't forget to sort out everyone's passports before your flight! It may be worth your time to appoint one person in charge of passports, and collect them a few days in advance. Nobody wants to be “that guy” who forgets their passport;)

Transportation Arrangements

We will arrange your taxi transportation if needed. Once you touch down at Cyril E. King International Airport in St. Thomas, you will be greeted by a lovely gentleman who runs a spacious taxi van. He will be waiting for you at the airport, and we will give him your flight information and phone number so he can contact you directly if needed. If you're cruising with us the same day, he will drive you straight to the marina we will be awaiting your arrival. If you're staying at a hotel the first night, he'll drop you off then come back in the morning to take you to the marina. Please pay him in cash, per person, for each pickup.


Packing Checklist

Soft/collapsible luggage
Clothing: Comfortable lounging clothes Clothing: Sun coverage clothes
Clothing: Dinner clothes, eating ashore Clothing: Swim shirt, long sleeve
Clothing: Swimsuit(s)
Clothing: Pajamas
Hat, especially the full-brimmed kind Sunglasses
Eyeglasses/contacts and solution
Flip flops
Sneakers/hiking sandals, for land excursions Toiletries
Face wash
Shaving creme

Feminine products
Sea sickness medication, though we have some for you Personal medications
Electronics & entertainment
Cell phone
Chargers (for phones, devices)
Music, downloaded on device
Games, if desired
Book, if desired
Snorkel and mask, possibly fins too
Notify bank of travel

     For any questions regarding this please email the yacht directly at