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JUNE 2022

Our latest mission to do good brought us to Île-à-Vache, Haiti.


We were able to raise enough money to bring 1,000 lbs of flour, 600 lbs of rice, 120 lbs of black and brown beans, and 25 gallons of cooking oil for the community center. We made some amazing new friends, and re-learned some values about life. Even with very little, everyone here has a smile – and they're some of the friendliest people we've ever met. Stay tuned for trip #2!


MARCH 2022

Earlier this year, Camille Kostek chose Kai for her 2022 Sports Illustrated photoshoot.


She's a beauty queen, but there is much more to her. Camille has an immense love for the ocean and dedicates a lot of her time and effort to raising awareness about environmental issues. It was an absolute pleasure to meet her and her crew, and to be able work with them for these incredible shots. 

Behind The Scenes | St. Croix Destination | 2022 Camille SI Photoshoot 


Our passion for helping those impacted by storm damage was born after a rough experience with Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017.

When Hurricane Dorian made landfall in the Bahamas in 2018 and wiped away the homes of our friends and so many memorable places, we knew that we had to help. Living in a hurricane disaster zone the year before helped us come up with an extensive list of resources. 
Thanks to support from local Connecticut organizations, school foundations, and donations through GoFundMe and social media, we were able to load thousands of pounds of supplies into all of the nooks and crannies of the boat and head to the Abacos of the Bahamas. We arrived in the Bahamas with 18 5-gallon buckets of elastomeric paint, screws, nails, tarps, rags, clothes, tools, 50 pound bags of rice, Mountain House meals, water, and many other odds and ends on board. 

Giving back to this community, no matter the scale, filled the hearts of our crew and made an impact. We want to thank everyone involved — whether it was donating, loading, sailing there, or anything in between. It will be forever in our hearts. 

Bahamas Cruising Post-Dorian | Eco-Friendly Sailing Yacht KAI

Kai is quite the newsworthy vessel! Check out the links below to read about Kai’s time in the spotlight during the filming of Kenny Chesney’s ‘Knowing You' music video. 

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