Giving back and getting recognized 


After a rough experience with Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017, we found our desire to help those impacted by storm damage. Over the past few years, we have migrated North in the summers. When Hurricane Dorian came and sat over the Bahamas, we were in Connecticut. What we saw from afar was devastating, and when we saw the destruction happening, our instinct to help the locals we know and love kicked into effect.


Over the years, Justin has spent lots of time sailing in the Bahamas, and his deep love for the land and its people grew naturally. After watching Dorian wipe away so many homes, friends, and memorable places, we knew that bringing critical supplies to those affected was something that we had to do! Our experience with living in a hurricane disaster zone the year before helped us come up with an extensive list of resources. We loaded thousands of pounds of supplies into all of the nooks and crannies of the boat and headed to the Abacos of the Bahamas. The supplies we brought were all made possible thanks to those who support us...local CT organizations, hometown school foundations, and donations through a GoFundMe account and our social media! 


Our supplies consisted of 18 five-gallon buckets of elastomeric paint, screws, nails, tarps, rags, clothes, tools, fifty-pound bags of rice, Mountain House meals, water, and many other odds and ends. 

Giving back to this community, no matter how small, filled the hearts of our crew and those we were able to give back to. We want to thank everyone involved – from donating, loading, sailing there, and everything in between. It will be forever in our hearts.